John Howard

John Howard (Cormac)

CHF 150 CHF 220

The watch called Cormac from John Howard Switzerland has evolved in this new year and now presents itself in an even more elegant design. With its timeless appearance and high quality workmanship, it radiates strength and fighting spirit. It is a real eye-catcher and gives every outfit an elegant touch. Whether in the office, at dinner or during sporting activities - the Cormac watch is the perfect companion for every occasion. Its precise movement ensures reliable timekeeping and its high-quality materials guarantee a long service life. But the Cormac watch is not only impressive on the outside, its inner values ​​are also impressive. It stands for precision, elegance and strength and is therefore not only a timepiece, but also a statement for the wearer. With the Cormac watch from John Howard Switzerland you not only have a chic accessory on your wrist, but also a piece of Swiss craftsmanship that stands for the highest quality and sophisticated design. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something special and like to stand out from the crowd. Let yourself be enchanted by the Cormac watch and experience the combination of tradition, innovation and elegance on your own wrist.

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